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Moon and Aries – Paradise | Soulful
Moon and Aries – Paradise | Soulful

Moon and Aries – Paradise | Soulful

Moon and Aries is a band of two amazing artists, one is a German composer and producer Tom Aries and another is a Canadian songwriter and singer Jordana Moon. Together they have been on a successful music venture, creating worthwhile music that stirs the souls of everyone who listens to it. This time, they are in the limelight again with the release of their EP called Paradise.

Paradise is an exotic EP in which each song has a soulful vibe. Moon And Aries have a remarkable taste in music and their songs fall in a unique category of synth-pop opera. This particular album features a nice and soulful vibe that transcends the listeners into the outer space of joy and tranquillity. The great thing about the EP is that each and every song has a unique and soulful rhythm that every listener would fall for. Even though synth opera is not a genre everyone would be familiar with, the great thing about Moon and Aries’ songs is that their songs have a nice and breezy vibe that grabs your attention even if you are a newbie to the genre. The warmth, tranquillity, and zen that their songs offer, elevate your mood in no time, and you become a fan before you even realize it.

Another great thing about the EP is that it features songs that have great intensity, not only in terms of the music and soundscapes but also in terms of the lyrics. The songs are so deep and mesmerizing that you would really have to listen to each and every track multiple times in order to fully devour their goodness.

You would notice how lyrics are also of the same nature as the music, intense, tranquil, calming, and almost mystical. The way everything unfolds in the tracks, from tunes to bridges, to twists and turns, everything contributes to the gentle and soulful vibe of the tracks.

However, the tracks have been sung in such a mesmerizing manner, that they will grab your attention in no time. You would be in awe of Jordana’s excellent singing skills, which add to the whole charm in such a distinct manner.

The EP contains some real gems that you would surely don’t want to miss!

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