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Avelion-Bound to Blackness
Avelion-Bound to Blackness
Avelion-Bound to Blackness

Avelion-Bound to Blackness | Portal to another realm

Soul-stirring instrumentals meet celestial vocals. It can be maintained that Avelion are made of a certain fiber, and there is a grandeur to their performances. Having an exciting career with performances involving legends of the genre, this prog-metal outfit is just getting warmed up. Thankfully, it sounds baller. This is their latest single, Bound to Blackness.

Their 2013 single Falling Down should be enough of a taster to make your spine shiver. They’ve only upped their game since then, with more technical, melodic and revolutionary approaches to their tracks. In Bound to Blackness, they turn to a fueled attack that dissipates into a melodic symphony with crests and falls that keep you engaged. The sound production is at a median that balances the aggression with the virtuosic ability of this group. If anything, you’re watching a group cementing its legacy as a bone-chilling spearhead of this genre, the next generation.

Illusion of Transparency was a long time ago, but it showed faces of the band we hadn’t seen before. Hopefully this single marks the precipice of a new album, fresh from the learnings of the past 5 years. Avelion are always at work and ever creative, so brace yourselves for a meadow and thunderstorm together.

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