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Smoke Spider – Desolation | Goth Alt Rock

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, Smoke Spider, the alternative rock project of Göran Florström and Johan Granat. They releases an interesting rock song with Desolation. The duo is influenced by classic indie artists like Iggy Pop, the Stone Roses, and Joy Division, to modern alternative rock bands like Foo Fighters and Muse. They were both members of 90s Gothenburg Swedish rock band Cloud Catchers who got together after more than two decades. Florström was a vocalist with the stoner rock band Generous Maria.

The track begins infused with electric guitar tone chords and ambient dark gloomy keys. Raspy vocals enter along with an eerie chordal base. The clapping rhythm proceeds the track at this point. The claps proceed to a rock beat on a full drum kit. The chorus is a rock guitar-filled joy with chimy aural production elements being audible. The arrangement and production on this alt-rock track is top-notch. The legacy of extreme music may it be technical, death, progressive, doom, stone, or sludge can be seen in this song and their previous songs.

One of the memorable lyrics is about Göran singing of being more alive the more it hurts. Desolation is the second release of this year after Linger in My Memory and their sixth release to date. Smoke Spider has had a versatile discography of releases so far with Love to See You Miserable, You’re Wearing Me Out, Evil Eye, The Damage Is Done, all of which were released last year. Desolation is an indie alternative rock song that will pump up the adrenaline as you sing your heart out.

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