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Philip McHale – Mornings in Paris | Swoon-worthy
Philip McHale – Mornings in Paris | Swoon-worthy

Philip McHale – Mornings in Paris | Swoon-worthy

Philip McHale is a singer and songwriter who started writing songs 4 years ago and now has become a full-fledged musician. His music is utterly calming and swoon-worthy. His debut single is called Mornings in Paris.

Just as the name suggests, Mornings in Paris is quite a fun-loving, calming, attractive, and soulful song with love and attraction as its central theme. The song is quite playful and charming, to say the least. Exploring the feeling of love, Philip McHale infuses this song with a lot of swoon-worthy elements.

To begin with, the song has a deep soulful tune that lingers in your head for a long long time. The moment you hit the play button, you are surprised to hear the very first melody that comes along because it is truly delightful. Fun-loving and charming tunes complement the theme of the track perfectly. You should note that the song has a catchy rhythm to it, which is what makes the song so memorable. Even if you are listening to the track for the first time, the tune will linger in your head for sure.

Philip’s vocals are extremely soothing. They are, however, charming too. He sings in this slightly playful manner that complements the whole vibe just perfectly.

With stunning lyrics, outstanding vocals, mesmerizing melodies, and an altogether swoon-worthy vibe, Mornings in Paris makes for a must-listen if you are looking for some rich and soulful pop music.

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