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Ellery Twining – Weatherall | A Story
Ellery Twining – Weatherall | A Story

Ellery Twining – Weatherall | A Story

Ellery Twining released a debut album called Revenge which was a solo project. And the very first music video released is that of Weatherall, a poignant track from Revenge.

Weatherall is an intense song that brings about nostalgia and many such tender feelings. The song in itself is a rich track with outstanding musicality. The music in Weatherall is kind of intense and dark which will set you in just the right kind of mood. The song features a mesmerizing tune that plays throughout the song. It is quite catchy and unique. However, that’s not the best part. The best part is the way the vocals add their magic to a song that was already so magical because of its outstanding soundscapes. The vocals feel like an intense narration of a story perhaps long forgotten. The vocals add even more intensity to all the emotions and feelings you go through when you listen to this song. The song has all the qualities that make it a rare gem. Nothing about is conventional. Each element and undertone appear to be crafted with so much ingenuity that you could easily tell when you truly listen to the song.

Moreover, the lyrics too are quite intense. Exploring relationships, love, and loss so beautifully, Weatherall is a song you should listen to if you want to witness some finely crafted art.

With amazing soundscapes, great lyrics, and heavily impactful vocals, Weatherall is sure to leave you astounded.

Watch the music video of Weatherall:

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