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Copper Castelle – You Were the One | Electrifying 
Copper Castelle – You Were the One | Electrifying 

Copper Castelle – You Were the One | Electrifying 

Copper Castelle is an ardent singer/songwriter and musician from Seattle. He is an independent rock/pop/alternative artist. Copper’s music can be described as upbeat/pop to mellow acoustic tracks. He is a multi-instrumentalist as he plays drums, keyboard, acoustic guitar, and sings as well. After the release of his debut single “Come Undone” in 2022, he is back with yet another electrifying song “You Were the One”.

Getting inspired by the legends like Oasis, The Beatles, and The Verve to name a few. His music seems so vintage and classic. Though his potential will only come to light after he put out more music. Talking about his new release in detail. “You Were the One” is a very interesting song, its starts after a while when you hit the play button. It is kind of strange or maybe done purposely. After a few seconds, a riff on electric guitar starts playing, which is soon followed by vocals and a drum beat. The vocals have a very different approach and it’s fun to listen to. The lifts up with more layers of guitar, bass, and drums.

After the first verse, the chorus drops the drum beat and a fast clapping sound effect comes in to build up the intensity. The whole song follows the same pattern and even though it is repeated, it does not sound poor. There are some very good harmonies in the vocals that fill up the spaces in the song. The song gradually fades out with vocals and bass to make it more classic. 

“You Were the One” is an amazing song and the work Copper Castelle has put in is clearly visible. He is a dedicated artist and his music will define him in the future. 

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