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Aurelia – Wax(The Remixes) | Haunted Anxiety

Wax has some really cool sound design during the intro. Right from the start of the song, the spooky keys with the low-end heavy atmosphere gives a really haunted vibe to the track. The vocals are vivid and pierce through the mix, perfectly complimented by the bassline and melodies. The atmosphere of the track throughout is very interesting and kind of brings the whole track together. The buildup of the track is amazing and takes you through the spooky imagination of Aurelia! The drop does perfect justice to the buildup and isn’t your everyday boring drop. Aurelia’s unique sound palette gives us a drop like never before! Finally, somebody breaking out of the mainstream to make some a really creative drop. A master of sound design!

Aurelia released ‘Wax’ on the 30th of October 2021 and has already amassed more than 100,000 plays online. Even the music video of ‘Wax’ is a very profound experience that takes you through Aurelia’s struggles through PTSD. It was even selected for the Indie Shorts Fest (part of the Lost Angeles International Film Festival). Each song has an accompanying video pays homage to the original production, and emphasizes a different visual edited and colored by Aurelia themselves (just like the original music video) Adding these remixes to the song’s storied history is an exciting prospect for Aurelia, who, in working their way into the electronic music community, has found deep meaning in the collaborative process. “I am so overjoyed to be sharing these remixes and finally close the chapter on an incredible debut,” she says. “Hearing each remix for the first time was truly an earth-shattering experience for me, because I admire these artists so much, and to hear their takes of my production was so special. They are all so talented and I feel so lucky to have been able to collaborate with them.”

Working on a remix is not as easy as it sounds. To be able to take someone’s and add your spin to it all while retaining elements of the original is a very difficult feat.

Icarus Moth is the audio-visual experiment of American electronic music producer, pianist, and sound engineer Nathan Miller. If you thought Aurelia’s work was amazing, think again. Icarus Moth comes in with his own haunted twist on the original and it sounds wack! What an amazing drop that is not only groovy but also amazingly well designed. The creative utilization of sword slash is an amazing idea for a transition! Simply amazing sound design and vocal effects just brought together perfectly with a hard-hitting drop. The vibe remains haunted while having a much more dance-able drop.

BLZBO is Sabrina Bravo from Vancouver and her take on ‘Wax’ is very different!

This is a slightly slowed down reverbed edition of the original. Or so it seems until the drop comes in. Its as if the music is making me go backwards. I have no idea why! But the transitions and atmospheres feel like they’re a whirlpool sucking you in. Once you get sucked in, you head toward the drop that just feels like the epicenter of a black hole with light just zooming past you getting sucked into this mess along with you! A really cool concept! Not only this but toward the end of the track, all this is reversed back and it’s no longer the whirlpool but its as if you somehow make it out alive. You can’t stop grooving to this part of the track. What a transition!

RadioRadio retains the vocals of the original but has a more distorted drop that tilts toward the dub-step side of music. The vocals take the center stage and are a bit louder in this remix. The second buildup creates a lot of anticipation, probably because of the riser. The second drop is longer and more robotic than the first but still retains the spooky keys at the back and the haunted atmosphere.

The last remix of this album is by Capshun. Capshun is a fairly new artist who has emerged the underground and is making waves in the industry. The remix starts off with a weird plucking sound that almost sounds like radio static. It slowly transforms into a percussion loop. Very interesting play with percussions and using them as ear candy as well. The drop is really cool because of the vocal play. The sampling of the vocals and using them as melodies is a really sick idea for this track. The percussion play continues to the second buildup as well. However, the second drop is a bit different and a lot shorter but no less interesting. This builds up toward a third drop that probably has the coolest buildup of all these remixes. Its so out of the box that it blew my mind. Such an interesting way to utilize the vocal sample as a riser to build up. The drop is really well done and seems to amalgamate the sounds of the buildup into the rhythm, giving it a sense of continuity! This style is really appreciated because its not easy to take a buildup and turn it into a drop while retaining all the sounds. Extremely psychedelic!

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