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Audri – Mechanic High | Nostalgic wave

Audri is a singer song-writer and a producer who is based in Seattle. Her compositions are a bliss of nostalgic music and lyrics. She has released 1 Album and 3 EP’s till date from which ‘Mechanic High’ is the latest. The way Audri shapes her music with the exquisite lyricism is beyond words to explain. Her music invokes various feelings in my heart every time I listen to it. Her profound knowledge and application of music in her compositions is beautiful. Her older EP ‘Swan Song’ is also a master piece and is a must hear. Each song is like magic woven with lyrics and music when it comes to Audri.

Her recently released EP ‘Mechanic High’ is a perfect example of how strong her musicality is. She takes her lyricism level a step higher. This is a 3 track EP with each song made to please your ears while making your heart skip several beats with her intricate lyricism.

Track one- The first track ‘ Euphoria’, as the name suggests is a bliss of elated feelings. The lyrics are deep and the hook is catchy. The drum rolls are exceptional and will surely have you air drumming throughout the track. The sweet intertwining of rap like pace with pop vocals is miraculously appealing. The song is stuck in my head since the day I’ve listened to it. The melodies are heartwarming and nostalgic. This song will surely send you back in time reminiscing the old days. I just love the way Audri executed the vocals with so many variations. The word Euphoria is perfectly signified through the music as well. The start of the album couldn’t have been any better.

Track two- The second track is ‘Runaway Rabbit’. The track is perfectly structured in terms of composition and is the strongest track in the EP according to me. The lyrics ‘There’s nothing we can’t do’ is stuck in my head playing on repeat again and again. The way she reciprocates her feeling so beautifully in her track through her lyrics is hypnotic. The melodies are complex yet soothing. The electric guitars provide some serious depth to the track. The vocals are beautifully engineered with layers and this is what makes me loose my mind when i listen to this track.

Track three- ‘Pasture Lullaby’ is the third track of the EP and is also the outro of the EP which is pretty overwhelming and left me begging for more. The music starts off with a grand piano melody and had me hooked on the music by the time the vocals kicked in. The symphonic melody flows like sweet, sweet honey through the ears. The composition is beautiful and executed with even more beauty. This song does its job of smoothly bringing down the curve beautifully.

Do listen to this EP, you wont regret listening to it as there is something to take away from this EP for everyone.

Listen to ‘Mechanical High’-

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