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Tomerle-Misty | Among the chimes

In the world of lo-fi, there is a lot to explore. Some find their sound and cement their discography around it. Artists like Tomerle are ever evolving, like their unique sound. Diving into the world of ambience, there is a layering of consciousness achieved by this artist. There is one such portal to another world with Misty, his latest single.

Shizuku, Kol and Sakura were his first three releases. Some were double A sides, and the theme was constant, bleeding into each other. However, Tomerle found a way to give each of them a floating fantasy of a world, and they’re both enjoying new fingerprints. Misty records another ambient theme with bells and a simple melody that remains as the spine. Around this, Tomerle makes sure the phrasing alters slowly and gradually into a new, simple sound that challenges the previous waveform.

An emerging series of thoughts is in store next from this artist. Blending simplicity with what can be a palette of complex sounds, this musician finds the best sounds in the ones we connect with. We are excited and await the next series of themes that will be explored after Misty. Listen to Misty and Homecoming below:

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