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The Margaret Hooligans - Red Rider
The Margaret Hooligans - Red Rider

The Margaret Hooligans – Red Rider | Freeing

Underground garage rockers, The Margaret Hooligans, is a two-person band based in the United States. Made up of the enigmatic Meg Cratty and Mr Strontium, the duo creates a fresh rock sound for all to enjoy. The duo cites influences from The White Stripes, The Who, James Brown, Miles Davis and even New Orleans. Like The Who and The White Stripes, these two work together with two heads to create their music. Meg Cratty plays the electric ukulele and does the vocals while Mr Strontium covers the drums, teapot and backup vocals.

Their latest single, Red Rider is such a unique Rock track. The distortion on the ukulele makes it sound like a slightly underpowered electric guitar. Moreover, the drums keep the rhythm flowing pretty heavily. While the band doesn’t use conventional rock elements, the music is heavy, powerful and atypically Rock. The vocal work is extremely powerful and confident, cutting through the mix like nobody’s business. Despite the fact that they don’t have a bass guitar, The Margaret Hooligans balances that tone out, primarily with the drums. The teapot is perhaps the most unique element that stands out brilliantly, adding to the percussions.

The Margaret Hooligans have a distinct sound that is absolutely refreshing and doesn’t take any adjusting to. Anybody who loves a good Rock track should definitely take a chance on these two garage rockers. You can find more of their music on their Spotify page.

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