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Sehruhtonin – Fathom The Phantom

Sarah Valerie who’s stage name is Sehruhtonin is a singer, songwriter and producer based in the UK. She creates music based on her life experiences, uses her exquisite songwriting and production skills to tell stories through her tracks, holding the listener intact through her calming vocals blended with dreamy and hypnotic music. Her songs induces a ton of different feelings in the listeners mind and heart. Her perfectly curated choice of musical elements in her songs blow life into her compositions. Her songs are full of ambient music and multi layered vocals that sooth not only your ears but your soul as well.

“Her latest release ‘Fathom The Phantom’ is one of best works and a piece to be remembered and rejoiced for ages.”

She has released a total of 5 singles and one EP in the past year and is rapidly growing at lightning pace with her compositions evolving into true masterpieces. The song ‘Fathom the Phantom’ is beautifully composed and held together with equal beauty by the music. The lyrics are deep and makes you dive deep into your consciousness. The musicality Sehruhtonin delivers through her tracks is remarkable. She never fails to hold on to your expectations. The way she carries her songs is a perfect example of how vocals can go in harmony with the music. Her vocals feel like sweet honey dripping down your ear-drums. Her compositions are beautifully structured and the depth of her musicality is portrayed perfectly in this song.

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