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N4November - Mistakes and Heartbreak
N4November - Mistakes and Heartbreak

N4November – Mistakes and Heartbreak | Emotional

N4November (aka Alexander Garcia) is a Filipino-Chinese one-man not-so-much band based in Sydney, Australia. He debuted his first single in 2019 which led to him creating more music. Alex writes music that speaks about mental illness, conversations, and abandonment. Moreover, he writes, sings, and plays the guitar and the drums for all of his tracks. After spending a load of time with his overly-thought thoughts, Alex decided to do something with it and create a beautiful Pop-Rock sound. While there is not much to his discography yet, the tracks he has out now are incredible.

His latest single, Mistakes and Heartbreak is his third single. The track maintains some beautiful harmonies and a light instrumental to accompany it for the intro. The words cut deep with so much emotion in his vocals. N4November seemingly takes the gloominess of the month and incorporates it into his music. His atmospheric instrumental adds insane contrast to his strong, smooth vocals. Additionally, the track seems to defy all genres by developing its own space that is extremely enjoyable. Everything from the drums to the atmospheric melody and the vocals tie the song in a neat little bow that immerses you in the track, completely.

N4November takes a new look at the Alternative-Emo-Punk-Atmospheric genres that creates a track that simply overwhelms you with emotion. With so much to offer, I’d highly recommend checking out his other two tracks, Dear Friend, and Constant Reminder.

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