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Clay Joule-Into the Sky
Clay Joule-Into the Sky
Clay Joule-Into the Sky

Clay Joule-Into the Sky | Good vibrations

Clay Joule can create spectacular magic. Not only are his tracks meticulously curated, but they bring a soul to it that has its own presence. Each track is a signature or story that this artist has had the opportunity to translate. This is one of his latest singles, Into the Sky.

With figurative salsa and folk fusion fissuring through its very being, Clay Joule carries his magic on the fingertips. His single features ambient choirs and synth echoes helping the body of his guitar instrumental work. If he knows his virtuosity is his biggest talent, he’s serving it in portions. The track doesn’t overload instrumental bits anywhere, yet features them in healthy doses that are gripping to hear. It is a soothing and calming ambience, with the citric zing coming from the folk guitar.

Clay has other tracks that speak their own culture as well. Tracks like Memories and Funky Sphere show another musician behind a new mask, but have an effortless connection with the style and execution. This is an artist that really sells his music by the pound, and each penny is worth it. Explore his discography and get mesmerized by the naturalistic control of his notes.

Listen to his latest single Into the Sky here:

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