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Kit Citrine – Running | Appearances & Façades

Orlando pop-rock vocalist, composer, and producer Kit Citrine (they/she) has released a stunning debut single with Midnight Masquerade. Midnight Masquerade meets the criteria of broadway meets punk-pop. It’s the lead and title single for their upcoming autobiographical debut album of the same name. Kit has a diverse set of influences and has been compared to pop artists like Demi Lovato, broadway star Idina Menzel, and rock vocalists like Amy Lee of Evanescence. Is it a coincidence that both Lovato and Menzel sang Frozen’s Let It Go? Not really because Kit Citrine has the prowess of both singers!

The song beings with a vocoder processed vocal intro and kick drums accompanying Citrine’s powerful vocal delivery. Vocal harmonies in the pre-chorus sound great as she sings about the charade of keeping up appearances. Vocal effects and harmonies are used to great effect to prop up the song’s narrative flow. Lyrically, the song deals with having to play a role that is expected by society despite being in distress. In many ways, the contradictions of the system reinforce putting on a mask to “keep the show going“. Citrine’s songwriting emotes these sentiments in the first person with great lyricism and organic expression.

The arrangement works appropriately to highlight Citrine’s vocal performance in the right direction. Their songwriting has depth and sincerity which is manifested in the form of an anthemic pop-rock ballad. The production and mixing by Kit Citrine are top-notch as she sets her vision to the proper execution. Midnight Masquerade is an emotive stunning piece of pop rock and we’re looking forward to more music from Kit Citrine with her debut album.

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