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Elamar – Running | Lavender RnB Vox

R&B and pop artist Elamar Edwards, known as Elamar, presents an impassioned pop ballad with a great arrangement on Running. Emalar hails from the Village of Peace community of African-American repatriates in Dimona, southern Israel. Its vegan and spiritual ethos is something to be found in his music. Running is Elamar’s first release in two years after his groovy 2020 release Breaking Distance. Elamar has a background in drama, visual arts, and music. Luckily for us, Elamar chose to focus on music creating a unique style that attempts to emote beyond genres.

The song beings with a recurrent cascading piano riff with Elamar’s confident voice with its sensuous low-end crooning over it. The track soon builds anticipation when the synth bass enters in chorus. We get a trap beat rhythm as the track progresses into a high-energy rocking outro ending. Around the 2-minute mark, we hear a very memorable synth lick. The song builds up amazingly to the treat of its outro chorus. The song ends with Elamar singing and vocal riffing over the title and the piano lick from the beginning. The song lyrically deals with overcoming adversity, having a positive romantic relationship, and working to be better.

Elamar’s tenor baritone voice is a delight to listen to with its smooth but firm quality. His gritty vocals in the chorus and stunning vocal flexing are the highlights of the song. We hear some great modern electropop R&B elements in the song’s production. The songwriting on Running is neat with its good buildup of musical and dynamic narrative. Quite importantly the song has a strong melodic and harmonic core to it which would make you listen to it on repeat. Running is a high-energy R&B crooner filled with emotion and great musicianship.

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