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Dream of a Man in a Top Hat – Cold Hard Dirt | Pleasant

Lee Leffler (guitars, keyboards, vocals, lyrics) and Michael Frackleton (drums, bass, percussion, keyboards, vocals, lyrics) have been vocal collaborators since their days in Native Tongue. This band came together to create bouncy post-punk melodies in the 1980s. A heady combination of a love for melody and a keen ear for music, Dream of a Man in a Top Hat makes waves with their latest album Sudden Return of DOAMATH. With dreamy instrumentals, deep vocals, and soaring lyrics, this album is an intensely personal work from both artists. At times delicate and haunting, at others, intense and evocative, Dream of a Man in a Top Hat’s music offers a sonic experience you cannot forget.

Their new single ‘Cold Hard Dirt’ is now out. ‘Cold Hard Dirt’ has some fantastic musical arrangements, which I loved. The song starts with unique drum beats and subtle guitar riffs. I think the vocals could have been better at first—they were a little off-key, but once the chorus came in, they sounded much better. It’s a really good idea to have the chorus take over right away. It sets up the mood for the whole song, so I’m glad that happened. The track has a strong country feel because of its fantastic blend of rock and electronic elements. You can feel the positive energy in your body when you listen to ‘Cold Hard Dirt!‘ It takes you from a never-ending work routine to that much-needed vacation where foreign lands light up your senses. This is a delightful song and definitely lights up your mood. Imagine sitting down with a cup of hot coffee and witnessing the amazing colors of the sunset; that is how this song will make you feel.

Enjoy listening to Cold Hard Dirt here.

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