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MillStock Wagner – Can We Stay All Night | Mesmerizing
MillStock Wagner – Can We Stay All Night | Mesmerizing

MillStock Wagner – Can We Stay All Night | Mesmerizing

Millstock Wagner is a Los Angeles-based band of three ardent artists that together create indie-pop music. Their musical styles are pretty unique and have influences of acoustic and rock to some extent.

Their recent release is a song called Can We Stay All Night which explores the feeling of love and devotion in the most innocent and amazing manner. The music starts off with a slow-paced tune that has a gorgeous thing about itself that makes you hooked to the rhythm at the very first listen itself. You would want to listen to the initial tune again and again because it has just something so captivating about it that leaves the listener mesmerized in the first go itself.

When the song unfolds further, you realize it feels even more exquisite. The way the tunes and lyrics and the whole vibe unfurls in front of you is commendable in itself. You would be in awe of how subtle everything is in this track. From tunes to vocals, to lyrics, to production, to melodies, everything is subtle and delicate. And this is precisely why they feel so pleasant to the ears.

While the song feels amazing at the very first listen itself, thanks to its appealing soft tune, you would devour it even better if you listen to it multiple times and unfold its magic with your bare hands.

The song is sweet, simple, and follows a simple rhythm too that anyone who loves acoustic music would absolutely fall for.

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