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Hallbeck | Dagarna med dig | Sonic Emotions | Singer-songwriter
Hallbeck | Dagarna med dig | Sonic Emotions | Singer-songwriter

Hallbeck – Dagarna Med Dig | Sonic emotions

Music is a feeling. Its not something you have to understand because of the language. I mean words are just sounds as well. Music is an emotion, a feeling that transcends the barriers of language. A means of communication that is beyond metaphysical understanding that we have today. A beautiful means of conveying your emotions and ideas that plant the saplings of thinking into every listener. Almost like a propaganda tool. Hallbeck is one such artist who makes music filled with emotion that is so clearly conveyed to the listener whether or not they understand the lyrics.

Hallbeck has been a part of many musical projects, worked with a lot of bands before finally going solo. A beautiful project with profound meaning. To Hallbeck, it is his rebellion against the mainstream concepts of life. Life might be just about maintaining a balance between consumption and production everybody must try their best to fit in. But why? Is this really life? There isn’t more to it? Join Hallbeck on his journey to find himself through his music!

The Dagarna med dig is what Hallbeck considers a tribute to moments that just make you feel everything is going perfectly and it just feels right! A beautiful concept. Aren’t these the moments we actually live for? Apart from the regular hustle to finally get to a point that everything is just, right? But it’s always just a fleeting moment! Its never permanent. The music has many layers that just sit perfectly together with the vocals piercing through and out!

The guitar work on this single is really catchy and ethereal. The vocals perfectly sit in the mix with the guitars. Amazing sounds. Beautiful mix. The percussion work is amazing. A steady beat as the song starts and slowly fades into just a mellow kick drum. The guitar work is to die for. The casual strums as well as the layers of melodies that just dig into my ears.

The song is a tribute to someone dear to Hallbeck, as you can see in the cover. Another layer of emotion for the listeners!

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Words are just sounds.

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