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Feliciano – The Bounceback | Electronic Delight

Feliciano is from Rincon, Puerto Rico. He is known for his heart-touching indie pop compositions fused melodically with classical and electronic music. He is also a piano and music theory teacher. ‘The Bounceback’ is the successor his last song ‘Depression’, completely changing his vibe through his latest release, Feliciano shows his versatility throughout his discography.

“By using some imagination and a recent breakup, I wrote this song about the courageous act of moving forward, because life continues. I do believe that this song might cheer people who will find themselves in a similar situation and need a little push to carry on… plus it’s the summer!!!”- Feliciano.

The music is full of melodic electronic musical elements. The way he weaves his song into these masterpieces is remarkable. The melody is addictive and has several variations throughout the song. The song is in an up-tone and is meant to fill you up with motivation. ‘The Bounceback’ has miraculous powers to turn a bad mood into joy. The vocals are highly processed but it’s all totally on point. The profound use of different elements glues the listener till the end making this song one of the most addictive songs. The lyrics strongly define the vibe of the song. The way he fuses classical music with electronic elements just blows my mind away every single time. The drops are full of energy and conveys a next level energy.

‘The Bounceback’ is a must listen if you like electronic music with a pinch of experimentation.

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