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Derek Lee Goodreid | Born to raise hell and sing the blues | Electric Powerhouse | Blues
Derek Lee Goodreid | Born to raise hell and sing the blues | Electric Powerhouse | Blues

Derek Lee Goodreid – Born to Raise Hell and Sing the Blues | Electric powerhouse

There is a certain stigma against blues making it more of an acquired taste in today’s world. People seem to have forgotten how groovy this sounds. Especially tracks like this one “Born to Raise Hell & Sing the Blues” are packed with energy and you cant help but get up and bust a few moves. This is really electric music that makes it impossible to just sit down and listen. It’s as if every cell in my body just wants to scream and jump out!

Derek Lee Goodreid is an Australian singer songwriter that writes songs which are bluesy yet bleed of rock and roll. His music reminds me of ‘The Doors’ during their golden days. He has been playing the guitar since he was 12 years old and he soon realized that songwriting was his real calling. Since then, Derek has honed his skills and sculpted a signature electric sound that just make your feet move by themselves.

The song starts with Derek humming with a guitar background. His humming is really catchy and got me hooked to the track right here. The minute the harp comes in, WOW! Just WOW! Its as if he read my mind and threw the harp in at the right time and it just keeps coming in like ear candy. His voice, just like his music bleeds energy. You can feel him screaming his emotions into a microphone. The modulation in his voice is just amazing. He goes high, low and even maintains a steady baritone. What an electric personality! The name of the song is an appropriate title for his biography.

What can this guy not do? He can sing, play the guitar and put them all together into amazing music. What a vibe! This is the kind of music that just lifts my mood and reminds me why I enjoy doing what I do! Derek Lee Goodreid is a name I shall remember. I can’t wait for what lies ahead.

Speaking of which, we had the opportunity to have a conversation with Derek.

1. Wow! What an amazing style! Could you tell us what influenced you to create this style? Just an amalgamation of all the styles you like?

A lot of music styles have been birthed from the blues – jazz, rock and roll, hip hop and all the variations within those genres. The mixture of blues, bluegrass, rock and country gave birth to rockabilly as well. I also love punk and metal so that comes into the mix in subtle and not so subtle ways like the bridge in ‘Born to Raise Hell & Sing the Blues’ is metal distortion with a dirty chugging riff but it sits well within the song. It’s all about enhancing a song and making it

feel seamless rather than taking away from the feeling of the song. I love all these genres and a lot of the time it’s just small variations in how you play that separates them, especially on guitar. 

2. There are many artists out there trying to break out of the stereotype and create a unique style. What can budding artists do to stay true to this path and not be wavered by public opinion?

Stop following trends, stop chasing people for constant affirmation, learn to appreciate the silence. In the absence of the constant bombardment of outer voices is where you can truly find your own authentic voice, It’s about learning to listen to and trusting that voice through the constant noise we deal with in life. It won’t happen straight away but if you stay true to your authentic voice, people will respond sooner or later because you won’t sound like everyone else. This path isn’t for everyone as it can be lonely and it takes a lot of character and integrity to back yourself and stick to your guns but it is rewarding as you are not constantly compromising or losing control of your voice/music/vision. When you feel confident in your voice, find like-minded individuals who share your vision, as music is something to be shared and hopefully you will find people who enjoy what you do and want to be a part of it and/or encourage its success.

3. Music like this isn’t born out of normal circumstances. If it’s not a violation of your privacy could you talk about what inspired you to make music and what meaning does your music hold?

I am pretty open about my struggle with PTSD, depression and social anxiety which came about from physical, emotional and mental abuse and trauma from a young age.

I was also bullied in high school as well because of the effects of not getting my traumas treated and trying my best to repress it all. I found comfort in music and an outlet for all the 

messed up things that had happened to me. Songwriting has definitely helped me put words to these feelings and emotions in a constructive and healthy way. 

4. Who is your biggest inspiration?

I am friends with Adrian Whyte, a guitarist on YouTube who teaches rockabilly/psychobilly and is a great mentor. His encouragement and support over the years has inspired me to write more songs, play more guitar and push my music out to more people. He has played on a couple of my songs already, Devil’s Due, Howl At the Moon (both songs are from my latest album, The Love) and Racing Against Death (which will be released this Halloween 2022). He is someone you want in your corner backing you up.

5. What did you enjoy most about making “Born to raise hell and sing the blues”?

I loved having fun with this song, the lyrics are a wild fantasy/legend/story and the chorus is so anthemic it’s hard not to want to sing the first line, ‘Sing the Blues! Sing the Blues!’ at the top of your lungs. The collaborative spirit of the musicians Stephen K Donnelly and Hector Ruano helped elevate this song and I am really grateful for their hard work. The inspiration came from one of my biggest music influences, Howlin’ Wolf and I feel this song really encapsulates that epic blues grit that Howlin’ Wolf was famous for.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting, then you need to check out Derek Lee Goodreid. His powerhouse vocals and catchy melodies will stay with you long after he strums his last chord.

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