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Tracksuit | Area #51 | Music for the soul | Indie Rock
Tracksuit | Area #51 | Music for the soul | Indie Rock

Tracksuit – Area #51 | Music for the soul

Tracksuit is an indie rock band that is based out of Chapel Hill, NC. It’s a 3-man band that includes Brendan Rice as the songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Tyler Harrington as the bassist and Marcus Johnson on the drums. Tracksuit is like a modern-day Pink Floyd that focuses more on laid back summertime music. Their music is layered with a lot of elements that all come together around Rice’s baritone. Their music could be described as an amalgamation of many variations which don’t fit in one box – definitely different and organic sounding

The introduction to the song is a really nice guitar riff and a drum pattern that just sets the tempo for the song. Their music is laid back even though the tempo is not low. Its as if the melodies zoom past, you while Rice just sits there singing to you! The guitar work in this track is phenomenal and very inspired by the 60s psychedelic rock phase. It is the guitar work and the vocals that set the song apart from other indie bands.

I can’t stress enough of the guitar work. The spaced out synthy sounds that give the right ambience to the track are just perfectly placed in the mix. The guitar solo post the two-minute thirty mark is what this song is all about. It is the perfect way to wind up a track of this sort. Area #51 is true to its indie roots and shows us that no matter how many years pass, certain styles of music will always be a classic!

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