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Route 500 - Not Today
Route 500 - Not Today

Route 500 – Not Today | Mesmerisingly Haunting

Slowcore and Indie Rock project from Brighton, United Kingdom, Route 500 storms their way onto the music scene. The lads started out when the frontman decided to do something about him feeling uninspired for too long. With influences ranging from Radiohead to Adrianne Lenker, the band has a certain distinct flavour to it. Their music has haunting overtones with the progressive nature that slowcore brings. Moreover, Route 500 have seven singles out that will all tear at your heart. Beginning with A Horizon Waits, their debut single, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of sadness to match the darkness.

Their latest single, Not Today, seems to pick up where the band left off with Cartoon. The slowdivey textures with a lento tempo drum keep things smooth while the guitars add lighter textures to the atmosphere. Additionally, the vocals seem to carry the melody with a smooth melancholy. I’m especially intrigued by the lyrics that seem to capture the essence of bittersweetness. There’s a sense of pessimistic optimism (if that makes sense) that takes control of the song and in turn the listener. I, particularly, enjoy how, individually, the instruments and vocals won’t make much sense, but are insanely good when they come together.

Route 500 captures haunting melancholia with Rock in the most special way possible. I can’t believe that these lads only have seven songs out right now. If you’re in the UK, I highly recommend catching them at a show near you. You can find out gig details on their Spotify and Bandcamp pages.

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