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Morphius – Here’s One for You | Enchanting
Morphius – Here’s One for You | Enchanting

Morphius – Here’s One for You | Enchanting

Morphius is a Chicago-based singer and songwriter who creates independent music. His music is a mix of acoustic and electronic that together create a completely unique genre. Through his unique musical styles and authenticity that’s hard to find these days, Morphius easily becomes one of the most appealing artists.

His recent release is an album called Here’s One for You. The whole album features songs about love. While some are sweet and make you want to daydream, the others are poignant and would make you sombre in the softest of ways. No matter what the song is about, each and every song manages to lift up the mood and make you want to listen to these tracks on loop. After all, anything that appeals to the heart is something we want to experience more of, right?

Here’s One for You is an album that has a complex musicality. If you don’t have an ear for music, you won’t be able to thoroughly understand what’s so great about these tracks. The freshness of the songs is one thing, but the way Morphius gives each and every song a tenderness through his ingenuity truly changes the whole ballgame. You would want to hear the tracks attentively in order to fully delve into their goodness and enjoy the tracks to the fullest. One of the best things about the songs is that every song is unique in its own way. Even though the musical nature remains constant throughout the album, every song has some element or the other to call its own. And that’s truly a remarkable thing to achieve!

The song Here’s One for You is a track that can easily be called one of the sweetest tracks on the album. The other tracks too such as I Had You and To Love and Be Loved make you grow soft in the most amazing way possible. You would be in awe of how well each of the song flow. Their pace is as smooth as their musicality.

The songs are acoustic but have strong electronic elements. This easily makes the songs even more authentic and enjoyable. Even though the songs are quite experimental because of the uniqueness of the genre, they don’t feel outlandish. Rather they comfort you as soon as you start listening to them.

A must-listen indeed!

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