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A-Tempo Trio - Masa Beha
A-Tempo Trio - Masa Beha

A-Tempo Trio – The Beginning Of Everything | Playful

The A-Tempo Trio is the latest Atmospheric Jazz trio to come out of Israel. Comprising bassist Alon Stern, pianist Itai Abramovich and drummer Yoav Lachovitsky, A-Tempo Trio is whole. While the members have established themselves, individually, they found the time to create this project together. All three of them were friends long before the idea came up and have masterfully created their first album — Masa Beha. With brilliant drums, groovy bass and a piano that kills, the trio have a system that works beautifully for themselves.

Their track, The Beginning Of Everything, featured on the album is a complex number to get Jazz fans excited. The drums are exhilarating and so dynamic with the tempo, or rather atempo. The piano holds its own with the main melody but also lays down a great line for the bass to play off of. The idea of creating this atempo is genius with the trio playing fast and loose with timing that sounds phenomenal. Perhaps, my favourite part of this magnificent track is how it brings contemporary textures to typically traditional instruments. The piano and bass have a little playful counterpoint going on while the drums give it this extra oomph.

A-Tempo Trio are absolutely phenomenal and it’s not so surprising considering the talent. They exhibit mastery over each of their instruments as well as timing with so much dynamism. You would be amiss to ignore these lads, Jazz fanatic or not.

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