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Nsee – Revelation (JIGI) | Into the Unknown

Nsee is the artist alias of Nadav Cohen who is 22and based in Israel. His music is influenced by many musical styles, classical music, Israeli music and even rock bands like Metallica and System of a Down. His musical journey began at the age of 17 as a keyboardist in an Israeli rock band. After enlisting in the army he started exploring the music production world. Nsee now releases songs that are diversely picked up from the worlds of classical music, rock music, electronic music and more. His first single “Sea of Tranquility” reached 60,000 listens and his Spotify reached 22,000 monthly listeners in just two months. I personally find his music particularly calming.

The song ‘Revelation’ by Nsee featuring JIGI is a beautiful symphonic composition. The song ‘Revelation ‘ is an instrumental structured with perfection. The music is calmingly melodious and takes you on a trip beyond realism. The symphonic composition is a perfect portrayal of Nsee’s skills. Nsee never fails to astonish me with his supreme musicality and elite music sense. The way he executes his ideas are just spellbinding. Music weaved by Nsee is feels surreal and out of this world. It elevates your mind to an another plane just through its intricate arrangements. His latest release ‘Playground’ is also an amazing piece which perfectly compliments his musicality.

The compositions are beautifully executed in the songs and is a must listen for anyone who appreciates good musicality. I highly recommend that anyone who’s reading this review should not miss out on this artist.

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