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Nick Kandler – Kill You Slowly | Musical Paradise

Nick Kandler is an Los Angles based artist who is not only the performer of his songs but also a producer and writer. Nick constructs his music with passion which is clearly visible in his songs. He is known for his overwhelming lyricism and heart touching melodies. His debut song ‘Closure’ was released in the year 2020 and has crossed 80,000 streams over Spotify. Nick Kandler beautifully fuses electronic elements with his deep heartfelt vocals. His single ‘Stay’ is one of my favorite songs and has been on my playlist for a while. His lyrics are highly relatable and addictive. He induces immense feelings through his compositions making the listener beg for more.

Nick’s latest release ‘Kill you slowly’ is out on all the major streaming platforms and is one of the most bewitching songs according to me. The way Nick carries the song is gently into a hypnotic realm. His powerful musicality fused with his profound lyricism creates a different aura. The hook is catchy which I have been humming since the day I listened to the song ‘Kill You Slowly’. The music perfectly compliments the lyrics and will surely make your heads band on the drop. The vocals are smooth and penetrates right through your head leaving a scar that you will enjoy for days. Nick’s music is a perfect example of how perfectly the music, lyrics and vocals can go in harmony with one another. The drum rolls in the song flows smoothly creating a vibe beyond reality. Listening to his music makes me forget everything about the world and soak into an another dimension. The way Nick composes his song is enthralling.

‘Kill you slowly’ is a must listen if you enjoy great musicality, deep lyrics, profound melodies and hypnotic drops.

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