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Joe Pope – When the Wind Blows | Perfect Folk Song 
Joe Pope – When the Wind Blows | Perfect Folk Song 

Joe Pope – When the Wind Blows | Perfect Folk Song 

Joe Pope is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter and guitarist from Atlanta, Georgia. He is an independent artist and records and produces all of his songs in his home studio. Joe is writing songs for a very long time now, and he seems to have mastered the art of it. His songs are emotional and heart touching. 

His music can be defined as folk and country. Getting inspired by the legends of the American folk, such as The Lumineers, Ray LaMontagne, Bob Dylan, and James Taylor are a few names, Joe has invented his own sound with his subtle songwriting. He is an up-and-coming artist in the folk industry.

Joe has released several songs in the past several years and an album as well called “Edd Tide”. He is back with another special song named “When the Wind Blows”. It is a tribute to his parents who have passed away. The song is about the people who have gone before us and how they keep coming back to you in different phases of your life. The song also features ‘Lucia’ who contributes vocals. 

Talking about the song in detail, the song is a true piece of folk music. It starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar, keys, and some electric guitar. It is a perfect intro that builds up the song, soon the vocals kicks in with all the power. The song has a very unique chord progression and melody. The song has percussions, Cello, and Clarinet as well. The lyrics are so emotional and relatable that makes the song feel perfect. 

There are so many little details in the song that can only be heard. The cute picture of Joe’s parents on the cover of the song makes it even more emotional. It is a phenomenal work of art and talent, a song that you cannot miss to listen.

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