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Frank Joshua – Rain (Azido 88 Remix) | Intense
Frank Joshua – Rain (Azido 88 Remix) | Intense

Frank Joshua – Rain (Azido 88 Remix) | Intense

Frank Joshua has a distinct way with his music. Through indie rock tunes that are equally unique and amazing, you would have a unique experience listening to his music. Every song of his has some or the other charming detail or undertone that makes it special and worth listening to.

Frank Joshua keeps experimenting with music and his recent track is a remix of Rain. This Azido 88 Remix is a fine track that has so much to offer. Even though the complex mesh of soundscapes that it offers, every listener would praise just how fine the details are. Through amazing mixing and production, things come to the surface in a beautiful manner. You wouldn’t even have to be a fan of the genre to recognize that it is a gem in its own way.

The song unfolds in a beautiful manner. Intense is a perfect way to describe the track as deep instrumentality plays a major role in giving the track its life. You would be in awe of how magical it feels to listen to the intense soundscapes formed by the various instruments played in the most dazzling of ways. Moreover, the production is so well executed that it’s hard to notice flaws. The song flows in a gorgeous way leaving you in a state of profound joy. By the time the song ends, you would realize what a treat it was to surrender yourself to good music and let it take the better of you.

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