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Alvinos Zavlis – Wasteland | Groovy

Alvinos Zavlis, a music artist based in the United Kingdom, wishes to release electronic music that crosses genre boundaries. “We all float…”, his first official album had a bleak but approachable tone to it. Depression, substance abuse, and mental health were among the topics explored. Time Travels, his second album, is much more innovative and explores the concept of time through music.

His new single ‘Wasteland’ is finally out and it’s such a bop! The entire song has such chill vibes that I can’t get enough of it. It starts out with some amazing vocals that are buttery smooth, accompanied by bass and guitar riffs. The vocal effects in between the verses are so beautiful. The song has a catchy beat and electro effects that are sure to get you hooked. You can never anticipate what exactly is coming up next, which makes this song even more exciting. And Justin Bieber’s vocals sprang to my mind. It’s a great tune to listen to when driving and dancing with your significant other or when you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up. The chorus “I need to get away, wanna get away” is such a groove and I loved it! The music has hints of R&B and an electronic feel, which is a perfect complement. You feel the emotion craft in every word that is sung. Throughout the song, you’ll be carried to various moods, allowing you to experience the song’s emotions over and over again, building to climaxes that only lead to more fulfillment right at the end. If you’re looking for a new song to add to your summer playlist, look no further than Wasteland!

Enjoy listening to Wasteland here.

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