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Parliament Cat – Takeover | Deep Trip

Parliament Cat is an electronic solo band formed in 2019 by producer and songwriter Douglas Guerra. For Douglas Guerra, it all started as a midnight outlet channel and slowly turned into a full fledged project. His love for the band is what ignited the light for Parliament Cat. His songs are a perfect mixture of synth-pop, rock opera, and new wave with heartfelt vocals, deep lyrics, and melody-driven compositions. Parliament Cat has released 9 singles till date, from which ‘Under His Influence’ is one of my favorites. His deep sense of music and his profound lyrics is what makes me crave for more and more of his works.

His latest release is ‘Takeover’ which is a perfect projection of his musical and lyrical skills. The song is full of ambient elements just as we like it. The hi-hat roll is mesmerizing and does wonders when beautifully intertwined with the bewitching melody and heart throbbing drums. The vocals are smooth and go perfectly with the music. The music has so many twists and turns that the song is far from monotonous and binds the listener throughout the song. Synth wave music is one of my go-to genres when ever I feel low and the song ‘Takeover’ is going to be my go-to for a long long time now.

Parliament Cat never fails to astonish you with his superior musicality and intense musicality. Each of his song is a new bliss of experimentation. His latest release is a must listen if you enjoy ambient music, synth-pop, rock opera or new-wave.

Listen to ‘Takeover’ by ‘Parliament Cat’

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