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Nobody’s Wolf Child – Green Fires | Symphonically Blazing  

Green Fires is a stunning cinematic pop opus and the fourth release from the ambitious musical and visual project by UK artist Nobody’s Wolf Child. NWC concluded her last trilogy with the orchestral stunner Last Among The Pines. NWC’s past releases have all had rich visuals and strong storytelling elements forming a string of releases tied into a concept discography. The sum of these is meant to be turned into a 360-degree art piece paired with visuals and eventually a fully immersive show.

Green Fires is the first part of the next phase in what would be a total of 12 songs. We see the narrative arc of our main character, the Wolf Child, and her interaction with the world and the elements. In Last Among The Pines, the Wolf Child retreats into the forest away from humanity, morphing into the creative destruction of the forest fire.

The track commences on surround bass with electronic beats and beautifully stunning vocals. The vocal harmonies creep into the chorus to give you goosebumps. We have so many nuances in this ambient symphonically dense production. For example, the synth in the middle of the song along with the whisper vocal harmony, acoustic guitars, and the humming vocals along with the ambient harmony in the outro. These are but a few of the several nuances one can find in the beautiful song.

The lyrical imagery with lines like “I’ll turn your forest into plains, You won’t even miss the smell of rain”, brings the character to life. Most importantly the storytelling aspects fit perfectly with the musicality of the song. One can imagine a musical landscape crossing the geospatial boundaries while listening to the song. The song is masterfully produced by Matthew Parisi who has been credited on records of artists like Kylie Minogue and Chris Martin. Green Fires is a progressive orchestral pop masterpiece that would make Hans Zimmer proud.

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