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MY BABY | stupid | industrial psychedelic | Electronic | EDM
MY BABY | stupid | industrial psychedelic | Electronic | EDM

MY BABY – stupid | Industrial Psychedelic

MY BABY is back from the interstellar trenches of hyperspace with a new sonic treat for you all. Its as if they take their feelings and introspections about a broken world and turn them into an expressive art form that feels like a painting made with electronic sounds. It is a intriguing invitation for the audience as the music shapes an aesthetic experience into an engaging aural even with layer upon layer of synths and vocals!

MY BABY IS a group that mixes the rawness of rock and punk with the warm sounds of roots and blues with a dash of EDM and some heavy baselines. It’s a sound shaped by blues and slide guitar mixed with psychedelic riffs and rises. They have been sharing their unique style to a worldwide audience since 2012!

“stupid” shapes a dark sonic descent into a netherworld amidst love, depression, happiness and a constantly evolving landscape of human life by encounters with others! MY BABY succeeds in giving us yet another interplay between dreamy, melodic and yet dark electronic music. As with everything that they have made, this release has more ways of finding and seeing profound beauty in the despair and agony that often surrounds us.

The tracks are mastered and mixed to perfection making the track ready to embrace you and share with you pieces of MY BABY’s insanity. As haunting and dreamy as it is, MY BABY has carefully nurtured a perfect soundtrack for listeners to embark on a truly inspirational psychedelic experience. It is thrilling to invite you to witness with us evolution, creativity and inspiring psychedelic experience of a unique producer whose music is definitely outside “of the box”.

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