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Alsa – I Wanna | Pastel Amour

Indonesian pop singer and TikTok star Alsa Putri Aqilah better knows as Alsa has released a soothing expressive romantic song with I Wanna. She has gained fame as a singer and tiktok creator covering popular songs with followers beyond 10 millions. I Wanna is Alsa’s second English language release after last year’s peppy retro and groovy song Na Na Na.

Hailing from industrial hub Batam, Alsa has been singing since the age of four. Influenced by western pop music and k-pop, she began her career by appearing on popular Indonesian kids singing shows Idola Cilik in 2013 and The Voice Kids Indonesia in 2016. From being selected in Voice Kids Indonesia with Queen’s Somebody To Love to her current string of solo original releases, Alsa has come a long way.

I Wanna begins with a piano/keys intro lick proceeding to an acoustic finger-picking rhythm. Alsa’s sucrose vocals and the acoustic rhythm croon about the sweetness of bright sunny love. We hear a good sprinkling of vocal harmonies in the chorus. There are some near jazzy chord changes in the bridge. The outro chorus has a characteristic pop key change where we witness some astute vocal flexing by Alsa.

I Wanna is Alsa’s sophomore release of 2022. Earlier in the year, Alsa had released the Bahasa Indonesian pop ballad Kisah Terima Kasih with fellow Jakarta based tiktok popstar Jebung. Producer Gusti Irwan Wibowo has provided the apt arrangement for I Wanna. The various melodic elements along with the right rhythmic harmonic components give the song its proper manifestation. I Wanna is a pastel pop production with a saccharine tinge that you would listen to while eating your macaroons and drinking your ice tea.

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