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Robin Cisek – Zeus | Fascinating

Robin Cisek is a Metis singer/songwriter known for her melodious electro-pop with an alternative edge. A blend of electronic beats, alternative beats, and lyrics combine to create a sound, unlike any other genre. Robin started to sing and songwriting after overcoming health complications for many years. Her experiences and Indigenous background inspire her music, which she portrays through concepts, alternative beats, and lyrics. Upon her debut, Robin appeared four times in the top ten of the Indigenous Music Countdown. Robin’s single “Waiting on You” debuted at number one on the IMC in May 2019 and remained for a record-breaking 24 weeks in the top 40.

The award-winning singer has come up with a new single ‘Zeus.’ Robin is one of this genre’s unique artists, who adds extra emotional depth to her work. I believe the goal was to combine her abilities with a more passionate, sensual voice that befits this song. ‘Zeus’ has the perfect melody to build on Robin’s vocal range and persuade listeners of the pure emotions being conveyed through it. I was not distracted for a single second while listening to the song since it is so beautiful. The music has picked up and dropped just when it needed to, and the vocal effects are the icing on the cake. The lyrics revolve around Greek mythology that blends so well with the music. The arrangements, harmonies, and production are top-notch, just like what you would expect from Robin. The loop “Soaking in your reign, speak your name again” keeps you hooked long after the song has ended. She has used euphonious soundscape to paint a picture in your ears. Definitely going on my playlist.

Enjoy listening to Zeus here.

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