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Kim Wallace – Dark Side | Synth fiesta

Kim Wallace is an L.A-based singer/songwriter who is known for her crystal clear vocals blended with pop and R&B. Taking inspiration from worship music and transposing it into mainstream pop /R&B is what makes her stand out from the crowd. Her lyrics are dreamy and surely will put you in a trip. There is always something for you take back from each of her song, there is always a powerful message hidden somewhere for you to uncover. Taking EDM/ future bass music to a soulful/euphoric level is her cup of tea.

“Her voice mesmerizes your mind and caresses your soul”

Kim’s latest release is ‘Dark Side’ which is her fifth single. Kim never fails to surprise me with her heartfelt vocals and deep and absorbing music. She has her own way around music. This song is one of my favorite compositions by her. The music perfectly goes hand in hand with the unfeigned lyrics. The drum rolls and the melodies are a perfect intertwining of harmony and rhythm. The music flows like a river and yet has some powerful elements that take it to a whole another level. The chorus is innovative and is really catchy, it sticks to the back of your mind and pops out of nowhere every now and then. The way Kim has executed the song is impressive. This is surely going to be in my playlist for a while. The way Kim has put such complex feelings into lyrics is spell bounding. Get into the realm of Kim Wallace by saying hello to the dark side.

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