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Bosola - Space and Time | Retro Rock
Bosola - Space and Time | Retro Rock

Bosola – Space and Time | Retro Rock

Bosola is a band of three ardent alternative rock artists that together make lively and charming tunes. They are based in Newcastle upon Tyne and have been actively creating music together, that not only resonates with their listeners but also stays with them for a long time.

Their recent release is a powerful track called Space and Time that explores memory and longing in a fine way.  Art has a way of making you feel things and in this particular track, art reached its finest potential and lets you experience a variety of feelings that can only be experienced with great art.

Space and Time is an upbeat, retro, classic song that would remind you of vintage music and would make you wonder about its charm and beauty. Classic alternative rock has its own way of luring you into the world of magic and through Space and Time, you experience that in just the perfect manner. Even though those who are not familiar with the genre will have to contemplate hard enough about the goodness of the track. But those who love this kind of music will fall for this exquisitely crisp song in no time.

Every element in the song comes together just fine to reveal a mix of colours that stir you to the core. From lyrics to amazing soundscapes, and vocals to fine execution, everything seems to be well taken care of. True colours of art are only revealed when the execution of the artist’s intentions takes place in the right manner. And in Space and Time, this aspect has been mastered in a great way.

A must-listen indeed!

Listen to this gorgeous track right here:

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