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Will Wood - You Liked This (Ok, Computer)
Will Wood - You Liked This (Ok, Computer)

Will Wood – You Liked This (Ok, Computer) | Experimental Dystopia

Will Wood is a singer-songwriter, composer, filmmaker and multimedia artist based in the United States of America. He covers themes based on social issues and has an eclectic genre style. While he usually plays the piano, he can also play the ukulele as well as the guitar. Will plays along the lines of Avant Pop, Jazz and even Alternative/Indie. He even has a rather extensive discography which also features a song he wrote for a film soundtrack. Will Wood also has some interesting music videos that pair perfectly with the songs he wrote.

His latest single, You Liked This (Ok, Computer), is more of a social commentary piece. With a nod to Radiohead’s Ok, Computer in the song title, this is definitely something Thom Yorke might enjoy listening to. Released alongside two new tracks, You Liked This (Ok, Computer) is an experimental piece that sounds so dystopian. The track begins with a cold, robotic voiceover that welcomes you to a platform and “reassures” you that it’s only here to help. Moreover, it makes off-hand statements on how humans are flawed by pointing out human errors like gaslighting, narcissism and more. However, the piano chimes in, and the voiceover gets indistinctive.

The piece slowly spirals into more tones like notification sounds that get more frequent and drown out the voiceover. The eerie tones unsettle you and kind of hold a mirror to what society is heading towards. Will Wood, masterfully, creates a piece that would make any of us think twice about where our futures lie.

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