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FILLY – nyny | Porygon Pop

London and New York-based avant-garde electropop act FILLY tricks you in the simplicity of the musical quanta to display musical ingenuity. Their track nyny is a remix of the indie song New York by duo Kritters which consists of Robert Steadman and Kirini O.K. While the original track was a contemplative, ambient electropop ballad, nyny spins it on its head and provides a synthpop fluorescent twist. FILLY terms her music as “Avant pop horses for no one“.

The track begins with interesting vocal-sounding synth riffs followed by the vocals which blend very well with the melodic phrases. We soon witness echoing vocal harmonies very innovatively applied. The high-pitched keys melody in the chorus could be termed electronic bubblegum. The vocal lick with the rising and falling volume effect is something that displays the potential of inventive digital production to reimagine music.

FILLY’s aesthetic sense is highly inspired by a variety of influences. This includes Cindy Sherman who’s famous for her iconic photographic self-portraits, depicting herself in many different contexts and as various imagined characters. Another inspiration is Lisa Frank with her whimsical commercial designs for school supplies and other products that are primarily marketed to children. Filly’s primary theme is the production, consumption, and effects of consumer culture.

Much like its cover artwork, it makes us visualize bright fuchsia, orange, and yellow shades in our minds. This peppy and inventive spin by FILLY is evidence of future things to come from the artist. Vocal layering creates a sense of a spiraling deck of cards displaying bright colours. Fresh and bright-sounding production is used in the song. FILLY has managed to create a synth-dense artpop song with an incendiary arrangement. NYNY is a hyper-experimental electropop number with great musical imagination and originality.

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