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Roni Amir – Along The Way | Resolute March

Israeli music producer Roni Amir is an artist who keeps growing and does not let genres be a barrier. Amir’s been making and producing music for over two decades. His intention is to keep trying all sorts of concepts and styles. The latest offering in this endeavor is Along The Way featuring Worcester, UK vocalist Ethan Cronin. Along The Way is the first in his project where he collaborates with talented vocalists across the globe and categories.

As part of this project, Amir has worked on the ambient triphop lo-fi song Falling of the leaves. He has also collaborated with Irish singer J Fitz on Letting go and with US-origin vocalist Samuel Gelman who lives in Israel.

The track begins with a memorable piano refrain following some electronic rhythms. The innovative application of rhythmic beats and percussive elements is notable. We are treated to a humming vocal harmony section in the latter half of the song. Lyrically, Amir pens an inspiring ode to keep persevering despite situations and circumstances seeming bleak. He uses great imagery in lines like “The sun will get you warm, Just look up ’cause it seems you’ve stopped looking at all”.

In the final chorus, we hear other unconventional musical elements which keep the song engaging. Amir’s astute production keeps the right balance in terms of arrangement and songwriting to make sure the track brings out the soul of the theme. Cronin being a rock vocalist adds the necessary grit to raise the sonic contours of the song. Along the way is an inspiring and inventive alternative pop ballad that would compel you to go on.

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