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Mythie – Mermaids | Empowering

Mythie is a French composer and songwriter who has been active in the alternative electronic scene for several years. Her music is based on surrealist poetry, with trip-hop, electronic pop and minimalist influences, creating a sense of dreamy magic. Mythie loves to be surprising and pushes the limits of her musical experimentation. She has done open gigs for Dominique A or as a backing vocalist for Wax Tailor. Mythie invites us to take an initiatory journey where one can let go and be swept away in darkness-and who knows find the light there! Her music somehow reflects this state of mind: it is sometimes light, but at other times dark; sometimes strong, but other times delicate; sometimes catchy and danceable, but also mysterious and poetic.

Now Mythie has come up with a new single ‘ Mermaids.‘Mermaids’ here is a symbol of feminism and more precisely of the challenges faced by women, who despite all their efforts are largely still stuck in the same dynamics that we see in our societies today. This song is unique and very different from the songs I have ever heard before. It is more of Mythie talking to you quite literally with insane musical arrangements. I also sensed some Indian music glimpses here and there, which was the icing on the cake. “How wrong is it for woman to expect the men to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself.” This line hit me hard. You sense agony, anger, and frustration in her voice and music yet it is very trippy and hypnotic. The bassline is too good. In this song, she makes use of the instruments to express her messages and emotions in unparalleled ways. Definitely, a must-listen. I’m eager to hear more of Mythie’s music now.

Enjoy listening to Mermaids here.

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