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Mark Rosal – 7:43 | Brilliant Songwriter
Mark Rosal – 7:43 | Brilliant Songwriter

Mark Rosal – 7:43 | Brilliant Songwriter 

Mark Rosal is a passionate singer/songwriter and guitarist. Based in British Colombia, Canada. He is heavily influenced by artists like Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Marley. Music has always been a major part of Mark’s life and over the years he has mastered the skill of songwriting. Each of his is different and unique and tells a story. He writes songs about the inner journey, spirituality, personal growth, and relationships. In his words, his motivation to keep writing songs is to keep telling stories and feel the connection to his audience. 

Mark Rosal has released several singles in the past few years. His songs have got a very vintage vibe to them. A reflection of the rock and folk music from the 80s and 90s is clearly heard in his songs. A brilliant song that was released recently is called “7:43” which captures the essence of vintage music perfectly. 

Talking about the “7:43” in detail. The song starts with all of the instruments together. With full energy, the acoustic guitar, drums, bass, and electric guitar kicks in. The unusual changing of chords is amazing and leaves in awe. The song is fast-paced and has traditional rock and roll feels. Soon the powerful vocals of Mark kicks in and lifts the song. The song is about a series of events that happened to mark at different times of the day. Starting with the obvious “7:43”. When you listen to the song it becomes known that the whole arrangement is heavily inspired by Bob Dylan. There’s so much more to the song, very tiny little details that cannot be described but can only be heard.

The genius of Mark Rosal has what made “7:43” an amazing song. His songwriting talent is just incredible and mesmerizing. Go stream his song and enjoy his world. 

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