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Taylor Good – Your Moves | Full of beans

Taylor Good is a singer-songwriter in the hip-hop rap genre. Not much is known about him, but his music speaks volumes. He has released various albums and numerous singles to date. His music is characterized by its catchy hooks and clever lyrics. He is a talented artist who deserves more recognition. He has released various albums and numerous singles to date.

New music is here from Taylor! The single ‘Your Moves’ is out of the album Hold Me Close and it’s so beachy. This new song will make you want to dance with your Valentine – even if it is alone in your living room alone! Taylor shows off his incredible, crisp voice, laced with a deep sort of quality that just sounds beautiful, plus some cool keyboard work, guitar work, and bassline. There’s no faster-paced tempo for this new set of tunes, but the song still has a steady beat that won’t leave you behind, either. I have to appreciate the effects used throughout the track as well. They’re awesome! This song is like a romantic salsa dance with the one you love – their hand in yours, with unbreakable eye contact. That’s how this sounds when you’re embracing the feeling of being in love. Especially as he sings “I need you by my side.” Having a catchy start and ending, the song manages to keep you involved till the end. He definitely deserves a bright future and more recognition in the music indstry. His latest track ‘your moves’ is a perfect example of Taylor’s unique style of composition.

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