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Spencer Elliot – SE3 | Master of Fingerstyle Music
Spencer Elliot – SE3 | Master of Fingerstyle Music

Spencer Elliot – SE3 | Master of Fingerstyle Music

Spencer Elliot is an insanely talented composer, fingerstyle guitarist, and pianist. Spencer began composing music on the piano and was influenced by composers like George Winston. He was later fascinated by the guitar and was influenced by funk and progressive alternative music. Interestingly, for more than two decades, he performed as a vocalist and occasional guitarist in several punk and alternative bands. 

Things took a turn for spencer after 2007 when he began exploring his musicality and turned his focus on a progressive instrumental, steel-string guitar. taking inspiration and studying compositions by Ross, Hedges, McKee, and Dufour among others. Soon he started writing progressive fingerstyle music and his rich musical background and experience in different genres of music, made him find his own sound. 

Spencer Elliot has released three albums and quite a few singles. He has made his music speak for him, as he has gained massive popularity on Spotify and other platforms. His most famous song is “Some Forgotten Color”, which has a whopping 2.3 million streams on Spotify.

Spencer’s latest album “SE3” is another masterpiece. “SE3” features the trio of Spencer Elliot, Sean Sydnor on bass, and  Chris Hudson on drums. The album presents 10 songs and has a run time of about 43 minutes. Talking about the details of some of the songs. “Torque” is the first song on the album. It starts with a slow likely open-tuned guitar with some delay effects to make it sound good. All of a sudden, the song picks up the tempo with high hats and harmonic notes on the guitar. And with all the torque, the song drops with slapping on acoustic and bass guitar followed by a headbanging drum beat. The song defines the name, it is a very energetic and exciting song.

Another brilliant song on the album is called “Silver Melody”. it starts with a deep-sounding chord on an acoustic guitar with bass. The song has a really good melody that is played by Spencer. The bass and drums carry the song till the end. The bridge is so perfectly crafted with some brilliant guitar techniques like tapping and pull-offs. Everything in “Silver Melody” is on point.

“4:20” is another masterpiece on the record. The song starts on guitar with an open tuning and some amazing chords. The drop comes in instantly with drums and bass. Suddenly the song becomes so groovy and fast-paced and gives such a good vibe. With harmonies on guitar and a mind-blowing drum beat, the song is a banger.  

“SE3” is an amazing record, made from the talents of Spencer Elliot and his mates. It’s crazy how music can communicate with people without having a single word in it. This is a record you cannot miss to listen.   

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