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Project 21 – Out Of The Dark | Trippy

Y’urs, the person behind Project 21 is an enigmatic, eccentric artist with an infectious love for art and a deep need to connect with humanity and nature through music. Y’urs was deeply frustrated by the establishment, particularly in Germany during the highs of the pandemic where she saw deeply troubling signs of a regime testing the waters as to how far humanity could be bullied and lied to. Y’urs now operates from Ireland and Jamaica and continues to connect and support artists around the globe.

“Project 21 is my proposition that musicians and singers all over the world will always connect and write the light in music in order to overcome the dark period of lockdowns and loneliness” – Y’urs.

The latest under the name Project 21 is ‘Out Of The Darkness’. This is their debut single released on all streaming platforms. The song is a strongly structured and rich in lyrics. The music is groovy and motivating. The melodies are complex yet highly attractive and appeal to your mind and body. There are a fey psychedelic-rock elements in the music which makes it even more groovy. The song beautifully upholds the vision of Project 21. There are a few rap bits which have strong messages and deep meanings, portrayed by well written lyrics. The female vocals is ambient and smooth. The chorus is soothing and elevating. The music beautifully caresses the vocals, making ‘Out Of The Dark’ a perfect song.

The song is a must listen for everyone who loves modern music.

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