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Pete Sahaidachny - Voice In Your Heart
Pete Sahaidachny - Voice In Your Heart

Pete Sahaidachny – Voice In Your Heart | Slow Down

Pete Sahaidachny is a Ukrainian Folk-Rock and Ambient Rock singer and songwriter. Signed by Creative Vibrations, he certainly knows how to create a song that brings you to tears. Most of his music follows themes that focus on the human experience and Pete always knows just what to say with his lyrics. Moreover, his musical ability shows so much expertise with how he’s able to create tracks that keep in touch with universal themes. Pete Sahaidachny creates a space for growth, rest and relaxation with his music.

Voice In Your Heart, his latest single, is all about taking things slow. The song speaks to us and questions if we’re even sure of who we really are in the very opening. Pete Sahaidachny puts forth these ideas of how we’re so busy trying to get ahead in life that we lose ourselves to it. His guitar and synth tones along with the sharp percussions create this slow groove that keeps up with his husky voice. It’s almost as if Pete begs us to listen to him before we lose ourselves entirely. He creates this Americana vibe with all the tones, but nothing is more uplifting than hearing the backing vocals add light textures to his main melody.

Moreover, Pete showcases his ability to paint an image with his words that hit you point-blank. The whole vibe that he crafts focus on taking things down a notch and living for ourselves and no one else.

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