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The Lunar Keys – Oxygen Type | Energetic
The Lunar Keys – Oxygen Type | Energetic

The Lunar Keys – Oxygen Type | Energetic 

The Lunar Keys is a passionate band of four musicians. Singer and bass JC and drummer Dom were exiled from a previous band. Keyboardist and singer Lexi joined the band in September 2019 followed by “The Stevie” in February who was found singing “Umbrella” by Rihanna in a bar with accordion and violin. 

The band has released several tracks since its formation. Their most popular single has to be “Stop This”. It is a very groovy and classic song with a lot of 90s vibe to it. The Lunar Keys is back with another banger, with their latest release “Oxygen Type”. The new single was just released on 10th June. The song is an absolute masterpiece with so much going on it. 

Talking about the details of the song. It starts off with a killer riff on electric guitar that sounds so heavy and amazing. The drums are followed almost instantly after the riff. They come out so well and are fine-tuned. Drums lift the song and give it a fast and groovy tempo. Soon the vocals kicks in and everything grows up with full energy and madness. There are some little things on the track that makes it more exciting to listen to. The subtle breaks in between are filled with drum stick clicks and guitar harmonics are just stunning. The latter half of the song is very interesting and a unique way to justice to the title of the song. 

“Oxygen Type” is a beautiful song that is going to blow the charts. It is also the first track where all the members of the band came together to record in the studio. They recorded the song live as much as possible to get the vibe and energy right. With three more tracks coming this year, The Lunar Keys are going to rock the world. 

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