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Matt Redmond – Like Clockwork | Serene

Matt Redmond is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Dublin who was born with a passion for music. He’s been into the world of music since he was ten years old, playing the guitar and performing. He was a member of various bands during his teens before joining BIMM Dublin to learn guitar. It was here that he discovered his passion for songwriting and production, which led to the formation of KÎND, a progressive rock band. They performed all across Dublin while recording their six songs. Then, over the course of the previous year, he made the decision to release new music that was entirely his original.

The only way you’ll be able to stop listening after playing Matt’s new song, ‘Like Clockwork,’ is by turning it off. The song reminded me of Coldplay, which I absolutely love! A special mention to guitar work. I’ve rarely heard such outstanding guitar work that holds my attention throughout. The song begins like a fairytale that has been seamlessly translated into the modern-day. The music alone will astound listeners as if they were in space surrounded by a gorgeous sky & numerous stars. The message of the song is just as compelling as the music. The lyrics are analogous to a best friend or well-wisher encouraging you to simply pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and keep going: You gotta pull yourself together, just like clockwork, and soon you must make it your forever.” From the soundscape to the singer’s outstanding voice to the ambiance he creates this song knocks it out of the ballpark and deserves a front-row seat on your playlist!

Enjoy listening to Like Clockwork now.

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