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Liad Abraham – Faraway | Beautiful Piece Of Music 
Liad Abraham – Faraway | Beautiful Piece Of Music 

Liad Abraham & Alina Lesnik – Faraway | Beautiful Piece Of Music 

Liad Abraham is a leading acoustic- classical guitarist and composer. He has written music for various media including radio and contemporary dance. Classical composers, film scores, and Celtic music inspire Liad’s guitar pieces. He has over 100 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and regular support on Spotify editorials. Liad Abraham has collaborated with the insanely talented Alina Lesnik. She is a German singer/songwriter and runs a very successful YouTube channel where she releases cover and original music. On top of that, she is also working as a recording artist for movies, trailers, and game music. 

The single Far Away is the original composition of Liad Abraham which only features music on guitar. But this version of the song features some beautiful vocals by Alina Lesnik. Getting into the details of the song, it starts with a beautiful classical acoustic guitar. The slow and mellow guitar piece has a sense of self-belonging. The acoustic guitar intro gives the listener a very peaceful and melancholic vibe. The finger-picking style played by Liad is so beautiful and has a lot of dynamics. The song slowly progresses with melody on guitar and Alina singing the notes soothingly. Interestingly “Far Away has a very unique chord progression and the chords change is amazing along with the melody. 

The first verse of the song starts with Alina’s vocals and guitar in the background. The guitar has some very immaculate notes that sound so good with the vocals. As “Far Away” is wholly an instrumental-based song, in this version the vocals follow the melody and notes from the start till the end. It is a great way to preserve the feel of the original as well as add some uniqueness to the new version. Alina Lesnik has done a wonderful job here with her vocals as well. Her amazing control over her voice and the dynamics of her singing are just mesmerizing. Alina mostly covers metal songs on YouTube but in this song, she has shown her ability to sing in a completely different genre of music.

The song is written in the memory of Liad’s father after he passed away. It is genuinely a very beautiful song and the name is also very appropriate. This version of the song is available in german as well named ” Weit Fort”. It is highly recommended to listen to this song and experience the genius of Liad Abraham and Alina Lesnik. 

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