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World Government – (Hardly) Lucky | Oddly Mesmerizing

World Government is a musical project which originated in the city of Nicosia, Cyprus in the year of 2007. After nearly a decade of performing and recording after their debut single ‘Rain, drops’, World Government released their first album called ‘Lucky’. The album has 7 tracks each with an uncanny variation. The album consists of some amazing pieces of work like ‘Lucky (That Time)’, ‘Lucky’s Last Life’ and ‘(Lightly ) Lucky’. The album is full of ambient sounds and electronic musical elements.

The track ‘(Hardly) Lucky’ is the fourth track of the album ‘Lucky’. The artists show a great sense of musicality and vocals in the track making the song my favorite from the album. The drum patterns are enthralling and entwine perfectly with the music. The elements used are perfectly chosen which gives a certain depth to the track which I particularly admire. The use of electronic sounds is a perfect match to the groovy guitar patterns used in the track. The track doesn’t hold back in the vocal section as well. The vocals are smooth and soothing which blends right into the track. The lyrics are deep which would make anyone brood. The feeling is perfectly expressed through words as well as the music. The music itself tells a story. I really enjoyed the depth in the music and the way they have combined the pieces to form this perfect song called ‘(Hardly) Lucky’.

‘(Hardly) Lucky’ is a must listen for anyone who admires music.

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