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Jade Moede – Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend

Jade Moede a rather interesting artist from New England writes and produces songs that have a peculiar musical and lyrical balance. Most of Jade Moede mostly revolves around old-school sounds in his music. His songs are bound to throw you back in time remembering the good old golden days. The sounds from the 90s make your mind jiggle while the smooth lyrics hold your hand throughout the song. The songs can be considered psychedelic, which will surely put you in a trip. This is the kind of music you would really enjoy when you’re high. His other works include ‘Drive On Skirtzy’ which is one of his best works. The way he modulates his vocals is amazing and adds on the deep tang to his songs.

His latest release is ‘Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend’. The song starts off on an up note leading to a valley. The vocals are smooth and subtle at first and then Jade comes in with his very unique voice modulations which give me goosebumps every single time. I really enjoyed listening to the track. The drum rolls are oddly wholesome and perfectly blend in with the music. There are several musical elements throughout the song, you will be surprised every single time you listen to the song as you discover some new element on each go.

The song is all-in-all really enjoyable and listening to it will make your day. Trust me.

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